Good News! CTA's Child Passenger Safety Program through the BIA Child Passenger Safety Grant is now offering various sizes and brands of child passenger car seats, for eligible Tribal Members, at no cost to you! 

                                                                                  Eligibility Requirements include:

- Expecting a child

- Have a child needing to upgrade to a different level of Passenger Seat Safety

- Provide daycare for a family member in which you transport children

​- Be a current Tribal Member

All children under 13 should be properly secured in the back seat!

Convertible Forward-Facing 

Please remember to bring EXACT change, Cash Only 

Infant Rear-Facing Car Seat

4-22 lbs

If you meet the eligibility requirements, please call our Child Passenger Safety Technician, Paulette Jenkins, at the Craig Tribal Association at (907) 826-3996 to schedule your appointment!

Harnessed Booster Seat

(Forward Facing)

22-110 lbs

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to call our Transportation Office at (907) 826-7433.

Convertible Rear-Facing

 5-40 lbs

Please note that your child must be present in order to receive a car seat. 

CTA Public Transit

505 Front Street

P.O. Box 828

Craig, Alaska 99921   

Ph: (907) 826-3996


Craig Tribal Association

How do I receive an updated car seat?

Backless Booster

40-100 lbs

Transportation Manager, Carter Jones              transportation@craigtribe.org             Phone: (907) 826-3998             Fax: (907) 826-2427 

​Transportation Technician, Martha Wood         transportationtech@craigtribe.org 

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Is it time to upgrade your child's car seat?

State of Alaska Car Seat Laws


Ask us how you can rent the bus for your event!

​Children 0-4              Free

Youth                  $15-$18

Adults                 $30-$35 

Seniors               $15-$18

Department Projects

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*Please Note: the list of bus etiquette for passengers that must be followed at all times. 

Tribal Transportation Department

On Call Ferry Rides

Rules of the Ride

Project Name             Tract P    

Status                             Active    

%Completed               More than 60%

Crew Lead                   Carter Jones  

This project is progressing well. We have now roughed in the entire road. Several changes were made to the plans during construction, resulting in an improved design and substantial cost savings. Cold Storage Way and Easy St. are now connected to one another via the new Tract P. Access Road. Currently, our crew is working to install culverts and storm drain. Once culverts have been installed and all catch basin risers have been placed, we will begin on curb and gutter. The final step will be to pave the road. The CTA Transportation Department is researching the feasibility of surfacing the Tract P access Road with concrete as opposed to asphalt in the hopes of keeping this portion of the project in-house.